How can I learn SDL with Julia?

So, I have always wanted to use sdl but I don’t like C/C++ and I really want to use Julia but what should I look at for it? The only thing that the package gives you is the sdl wiki which is full of C++ code. What do I do?

Welcome @Sabe,

The Pkg GitHub - JuliaMultimedia/SimpleDirectMediaLayer.jl: SDL2 is a typical Julia package for using a C library in Julia. The usage of a C library interface is pretty straight forward in Julia, and that’s the reason why the documentation directly refers to the docs of the C library, SDL in this case.
Best way to start is: just dive into it, using the Julia example at SimpleDirectMediaLayer.jl and ask again here, when you run against the walls. You will get fastest answers and help if your questions are as explicit as possible, best with MWE (Minimal Working Examples, in this case not-working).