Julia Graphics Library

Are there any native Julia libraries for low-level graphics? Or are all options wrappers for other graphics libraries (such as OpenGL)?

There’s also Cairo.jl. I don’t think there are any platform-native wrappers if that’s what you have in mind by “low-level” (Metal, GDI, etc).

It would help the discussion if you specific ‘low-level’ more clearly.
If you are interested in ‘low-level’ rendering algorithms (like bresenham for rendering lines in pixels) in julia i remember some discussions but no actual code.

Sorry - I’m not really down with the lingo. I’m curious if there is any kind of native Julia implementation for creating a GUI or making a simple game? Or do all of the options involve wrapping OpenGL or GTK etc?

IIUC, by “native Julia implementation” you mean a very low-level API fully implemented in Julia? No, Julia is not a language for that kinda stuff. Like OpenGL, it’s often packed within drivers which are implemented by hardware/driver engineers who can directly talk to hardware, and hardware engineers prefer to use C as their workhorse language for its portability and compatibility(I’m not talking about those super-low level engineers who write VHDL/Verilog etc for composing ASICs).

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I’m trying to learn more about developing graphics and have been writing a simple emulator. It looks like ModernGL is probably the way to go.

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