Looking for a maintainer for SimpleDirectMediaLayer.jl

I made bindings for SDL2 (a popular multimedia library) a couple of years ago but I don’t have much time to maintain it anymore (I also don’t use it myself, which doesn’t help). I’d be happy to transfer the package to anybody interested. There’s not that much to be done, although updating the bindings to new SDL version would be nice (there’s a PR with 90% of the work done).

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I’m not volunteering (no time either, sadly), but I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts in creating and maintaining this package. It has been very, very useful for me and I really hope someone steps up and takes over maintenance.


I created JuliaMultimedia for continuing the maintenance of SFML.jl. Maybe it’s also a good place for SDL2.


I think so too, I’ll see if I can move it there.

I just want to make (future) maintainers aware that SDL2 has broken sound on Linux which is due to problems with the ALSA_jll. @staticfloat tried to debug it but wasn’t able to fix all the things.