Social hub for Julia startuppers?

I’m floating here an idea I started to formulate. It may be silly, sorry about that. Or it may be something that other have done already (so, thank you about it and sorry if I’m duplicating your effort).

Has anybody ever thought of a “social hub” for people that are starting (or thinking of) a startup (a consultancy, a product company, …) that pivots around the Julia ecosystem?

Nothing so full blown as a startup incubator, but something to find a community of people facing the same questions, exchange what worked, what didn’t, encourage each other, …

Does anyone feel the need for it? Am I the only one? Silly idea?


Not at all. Actually pretty awesome. However, please be warned, based on my experience, Julia natural environment seems to be science and research activities. Sometimes you may feel like out of space, almost like out of the comfort zone when talking startups. Also please be advised that it is true that Julia is Open Source, however, at the same time, so called Julia parent is a venture capital backed entity, so I believe one has to be careful not to cross any boundaries that may lead to potential conflicts of interest. However again, I think this might be a great idea, the case is to find a framework, an interesting one.

I’d like to sustain that I think your idea is really great and I’d be very happy to hear more about it.