Julia stand-alone app?

I was thinking to develop some app to model the movement of cars on a road network. What I’d like to d is, I have several buildings and several cars on the map and I can use mouse to drag and drop the cars to certain locations of the map. There are buttons nearby the map and I can click the button for model controlling and parameters input. So two questions.
1: How to model the underlying road network? I can either create the map and the underlying graph from the scratch or, is there some good ‘wheels’ that I can use?
2: Is Julia a good language for this (I hope so). Or shall I choose the other language, like Java, or Python?

The question is too vague to answer 1. There are some nice graph packages in Julia, see here.

Regarding 2, Julia may not be ideal (or even functional) for app deployment at this point. But if you want to do the computations on a server, it could make a nice backend language.


If you want realistic maps, some links which might be useful as a starting point:

But this doesn’t seem to have been kept updated through the last version Julia version upgrades.

Everything at:

However a lot of what you seem to be describing is the GUI.
Julia is good at the number crunching to make the modelling work. While Julia is good at displaying data, I have thus far not found very good ways for user inputs. Some non-Julia GUI front-end linked to a Julia back-end might do the trick.

Maybe see here for some ideas for GUI options: