Simple IDE

I am curently using Julia on windows. I am looking for a very simple IDE that just runs a line of code and move to the next line. That is all I need. No need for debugger, language server, real time “feedback”…etc. I have tried Julia extension for VSCode which (for me) is a total disaster, is full of bugs and consume to much space and memory.
The “best” solution I found so far is RStudio, that I use by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+Enter to run code lines directly in the terminal and move automatically to the next line. The issue is that I don’t have julia syntax highlighting which makes the code painful to read.

Question: is there a easy way to configure VSCode to do the same thing? (I don’t need anything else just that “basic” action)
If anyone has another IDE to suggest please do.
I really need something simple without all the fancy buttons and noisy features all around, i.e. simple text editor that can send code to a terminal…
Thank you.

I use Sublime Text with the Julia, SendCode and Terminus plug-ins on MacOS and Windows. Not that the Julia extension for VSCode isn’t any good, I just prefer the Sublime Text and a command line workflow. Although I may just start using VSCode when I need to use the integrated profiler.


Please file bugs reports for those, that is the best way to help us make it better!

We could think about a setting to disable the language server… A lot of things wouldn’t work, but that would completely take care of the memory requirements and I can see that some users might prefer that.


Thank you. That works well and is all I needed.

Plenty of issues already open…
My main killer is that it simply does not work with the package DotNET.jl. An issue has been opened. I don’t know whether the issue is coming from DotNET or the julia vscode extension but I can’t use it in my workflow. The package works perfectly well in the windows terminal. If you consider an option which fills my most basic (and only) need I might consider coming back to vscode. Thank you.

You might also be interested in Terminal Polyglot - Visual Studio Marketplace if all you want is to paste code into a REPL terminal.


Until then, filed and fixed, you can look into Juno. I actually believed VS Code to be rather good. And Juno, I’ve also used. Juno had one advantage I liked, that may be already integrated into VS Code. I haven’t used neither in a while (and never e.g. debuggers in either), just know Juno is now in maintenance-mode (because of upstream no longer supporting), and the guys behind its extension, joined forces with VS Code, so don’t expect any fixes/more features in Juno (but it worked well for me).

Thanks @pfitzseb , that is actually perfect and easier to setup vs sublimetext. Very good!