Several second delay to process first input with OhMyREPL installed

Running Julia 1.8.5 x86, built by Homebrew on an M2 MBP.

The problem: When I start Julia, the REPL prompt shows normally. But when I type my first input, it takes several seconds before it even appears. After the first input and subsequent delay, all becomes normal.

Confirmation: If I remove OhMyREPL, the initial hesitation goes away.

Background: All this started after I installed the a64 version of Julia, but since Mex.jl and MATLAB.jl failed to build, I reverted to the Intel version of Julia and re-installed all packages.

Thanks in advance for helping.

I have a small delay on first input, maybe half a second, when using OhMyREPL on 1.8, though on 1.9 it is gone.

You could probably also get around it by compiling a custom sysimage with OhMyREPL in it, though my delay was never enough to warrant that for me.
Though if you have multiple seconds it might be worth it, or just try 1.9 and it might be gone :slight_smile:

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I have had a number of issues with Homebrew’s recipe for Julia on Apple Silicon (packages failing precompilation, etc.), which is allieved by switching to the official binary (or using the Homebrew cask which pulls the official binary). If you don’t need to build it yourself, I suggest testing the official binary version.

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I think this was caused by upgrading to a new and improevd tokenizer. On the good side, the dealy is completely nonexistent on 1.9. If you want to stick with 1.8 and the delay really annoys you, you can install an older OhMyREPL version. I think 0.5.17 should be ok. You can add it with pkg> add OhMyREPL@0.15.17 and then you can pin it pkg> pin OhMyREPL to prevent it from upgrading.


Downgrading OhMyREPL worked. Just in case somebody like me will follow instructions blindly, there is a typo in the version, the command is

pkg> add OhMyREPL@0.5.17

Thank you again.