Setting path for Julia config dir?

Is there a way to redirect “~/.julia/config” to another directory via an envionment variable? I didn’t see anything in for config, but it’s possible to redirect everything else in “~/.julia”, of course.

(It would actually be nice to have an env variable that can redirect the hole of “~/.julia”, in addition to the specific ones for packages, dev, etc.)

One thing you could do is creaye a symbolic link to change the directory. For example, I have a symbolic link for ~/.juliarc.jl to the file ~/.julia/config/startup.jl in my home directory. Originally, Julia had the config file names like that, and I like to continue using it there, so I simply created the directory symlink to it.

Sure, a symlink is a good workaround in some cases. But that doesn’t help if, e.g., you want to completely separate Julia installations (resp. test instances) and can’t use VMs/containers.