Installation path and environment variables

Apologies in advance for the newbie questions: I am new to Julia…
I have installed Julia, Atom and Juno and everything seemed to work well to start with.
Sadly the .atom and the .julia were created (without asking me for permission) in the ‘user’ folder.
This is an issue as my employer only allow us to have 200Mb within that folder so that the personal data is ported around different machines we log into.
Then as i installed the various packages, the .julia folder inflated to a huge size (GBs), which gets me now into real trouble and pending a hair straightening from the IT department!

So i have moved the .julia folder to where the julia installation folder is.
as suggested here:
i have created some environment variables in windows:

I do not fully understand how this works though and how it is used by julia… in fact it does not work and julia does not find the .julia packages…

any help woudl be much appreciated!
many thanks.
kind regards

I do the same trick: setting the julia depot path in the julia installation folder. The depot path is what you need(the location of .julia where all the packages are actually installed).
Once you set the depot path for .julia it should simply work. Do you get any error message?
As for atom, I don’t know how you could move that folder.

thank you Iulian.
The environment variables set in windows do not work though:

JULIA_DEPOT_PATH as c:\julia-1.5.3\.julia\ does NOT work
JULIA_DEPOT_PATH as c:\julia-1.5.3\ does NOT work either…

should i look at setting the variables in julia? how could i do this?
many thanks

thank you all for reading this.
I did not manage to fix the environment variables…however the IT department came to rescue and allowed me to exclude the .julia folder and .atom folder from the roaming profile (which i didnt know was possible).
fabulous: I’m back in the game!