Setting Button properties


I’m using Makie to create a basic UI using a grid of buttons that I observe and then run the appropriate code.

    commandlabels = ["Option A","Option B","Option C"] 
    CommandButtonGrid = fig[3,3] = GridLayout(width=400)
    commandbuttons = CommandButtonGrid[1:3,1] = [Button(fig, label=l, tellheight=false, width=150, color=:red,textsize=20) for l in commandlabels]

I would like to alter the button properties, eg color depending on which button is pressed. Sort of like toggling the color of the button text to indicate which option was last chosen.

How do I access the button properties after the button grid is created?


You can find Button attributes here

You have a vector of buttons so you can just access them from there like commandbuttons[1].buttoncolor =...

Perfect, thankyou, and thankyou for Makie!