Makie "attributes" for figure, axis, and plot

I am confused by what exactly are “attributes” in Makie and how to figure out which ones exist and can be modified.

for plot objects, this seems relatively straightforward (especially coming from a Matlab background). There is a color attribute, and
I can change it when calling the function with a keyword argument, or after the fact with plt.thenameoftheattribute:

using CairoMakie
fig, ax, plt = lines([1, 2, 3], [10, 11, 12], color=:red)
# The plot is red
plt.color = :blue
# The plot is now blue

I can even get a list of all attributes by typing plt.attributes, and they are shown by typing help(lines). Not if I type ?lines, but that’s a minor complaint.

Now to the puzzling stuff…
The axis and the figure also have attributes, at least that’s what this page says. It also says the axis attributes are listed by typing help(Axis), but that doesn’t work.
I understand from that page that the axis has a title property (attribute?), and I can indeed add a title with:

ax.title = "My title"

And the Julia REPL is nice, if I type ax. (+TAB) it proposes a long list of attributes.
But then why does ax.attributes fail?
Even more puzzling, the figure “attributes” (are they really attributes?) can be changed when calling Figure(), e.g. with fig = Figure(resolution = 600). But I can’t seem to be able to access them afterwards.
Things like fig.resolution fail, and fig. (+TAB) in the REPL, I see there is an “attributes”, but fig.attributes gives nothing. How can I access figure “attributes” (or “properties”) such as resolution after creating a figure?

I think I am missing some basic understanding of attributes in Makie. I realize it should be possible to get the plots I want (or more or less) by picking relevant parts from the examples at and from some instructions found at Data Visualization with Makie.jl - Julia Data Science, but I would feel more comfortable if I understand how the whole “attributes” thing works.
Thanks for any pointers!

(just an end-user reply)

I guess what the authors suggest is to just write into the REPL ? Axis

When you create a figure essentially you instantiate a Scene and the resolution is then an attribute inside the Scene struct. You can access it with, but I don’t think that you can change it and simply expect it to automatically update.
It never occurred to me to have to manually change the scene attributes after initialization and still I never got to use the Figure.attributes.
Most of the user functionality regarding attributes in Makie is interacting with the ax and plt.
For Axis there are also several functions defined to do this like for example.

Have a look also here for more info in Figure.attributes.

But for more specifics, it all comes down to what exactly you wish to do.

Thank you. ? Axis does provide a lot of info - now I am just confused why help(Axis) is not the same, but that’s another story…
The scene concept was one that I missed, it explains partly why I didn’t find what I was expecting to find in figure, they are in figure.scene.
I had seen the thread that you reference, but unfortunately most links in it are dead, except for the issue which is still open.

On a side note, and in case this helps others exploring for attributes, typing <TAB> in the REPL to get suggestions does help, but there is a strange bug (feature?) in the REPL that requires to type <TAB> twice to see suggestions. So e.g. if you created a figure called fig, and then type fig. <TAB>, you see nothing. But if you type a second <TAB>, you see the suggestions and you can learn about attributes in fig. This partly explains why my attributes exploration was painful (I guess sometimes I was frustrated and was typing <TAB> repeatedly, so I was seeing suggestions, but at other times when I was not frustrated enough I didn’t see the suggestions).