Senior Julia engineer

Hey there! BHFT is looking for a Senior Julia developer!

We are looking for a strong developer with a vast experience in designing and debugging streaming services to join a leading HFT company.

We expect that the candidate will:

  • Join the trading support team and will work on automation of trading system support, data analysis, reporting and business intelligence tools from benchmark to implementation.

We offer the opportunity to be deeply immersed in algorithmic trading, using advanced technology and mature software development methods in a creative and collaborative environment.

You will work with high-level automation and trading system support requirements, discuss all related details with the business/trading/development teams, design the architecture of automation tools - configuration management, data processing pipelines and testing tools.


  • Designing new functionality for streaming services (backend);
  • Finalizing and supporting ETL services, implementation of solutions using Julia programming language and modern technology stack;
  • Supporting and enhancing the implemented solutions in accordance with business needs and feedback;
  • Working with streaming data: optimizing platform data assembly, loading, along with visualization, support and adding functionality and interaction with UI;
  • Coordinating all the technical issues with the customer, planning and coordinating the full development cycle, communicating with other teams regarding integration, deployment and support of implemented solutions;
  • Working with the backlog;
  • Ensuring the reliability of developed solutions through the automated (unit, integration) and manual testing;
  • Keeping documentation up to date.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 6+ years relevant work experience;
  • Good theoretical knowledge or proven practical experience with linear programming;
  • Understanding of distributed computer systems and software architecture: algorithms, data structures, design patterns;
  • Good knowledge of C/C++ programming language;
  • Desire to code in Julia;
  • Proven hands-on experience with databases (PostgreSQL) and message brokers (RabbitMQ);
  • Strong adherence to the principles of effective software development - SOLID, TDD;
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Strong communication skills.

Nice to have:

  • Experience in HFT, algorithmic trading or related areas.

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This is cool, I would have applied but I’m no where near the requirements.

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Hi! Thanks for reaching out! Subscribe to BHFT’s social media to stay tuned :grinning:

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