Maven Securities - HFT Systems Developer

Julia is an increasingly important part of what we do, both in the research stack and the runtime, so now seemed a good time to reach out to users here for anyone who might be interested in trading and finance.

We are looking for someone to join our team, working with traders and developers in improving existing and building new technology to enable our growing operation. Whilst financial experience can be helpful, we place significantly higher weight on the strengths of your development skills, your mindset, and your attitude towards solving problems and excelling at what you do. As a technologist in our team you will not only work closely with trading and research, you will also have the opportunity to explore and test your own ideas for the markets. As the team expands the right candidates will have the chance to take ownership of core elements of our technology, and see them through to scale and global use.

Full job description and application form here


Goood to see some interesting companies advertising for Julia skills.

The job ad says that C++ is requured

That’s correct. We use C++ and Julia both extensively.

Rules me out sadly. Wonder if you can give someone like me some advice, if I want to get into HFT which area of C++ should i focus on? Thanks

A little difficult to give general advice as every company is different. The engineer aspects independent of language choice, such as composable design, error handling, testing, etc are more important, as is an understanding of computer architecture, performance oriented programming, and networking. C++ for us is a mechanism for achieving some of these goals with a balance of expressive power to create good abstractions and confidence in the performance targets we can hit. The language is broad and complicated enough that we aren’t too keen on training new joiners from scratch on it.

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