Seeking people interested in sharing their love for Julia

Hi everyone!

I am seeking a couple folks in the Julia community who are eager to share their knowledge on beginner and intermediate Julia. These workshops would be delivered as part of the Vancouver DataJam, a 100% remote event with a focus on supporting members of gender and racial minorities getting their careers in data science kickstarted.

We have Python and R workshops, and would love to incorporate the Julia language. If you are unsure about your public speaking skills, we can train you! We asked our participants about their knowledge of Julia and most people responded they have only heard of the language or used it briefly. Whether you have been programming with Julia for a long time, or getting started, your knowledge is deeply valuable.

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If this is something of interest to you, please send us an email at

We hope to hear from you!

Laura G. Funderburk, Vancouver DataJam 2021 Chair