Revise error stack trace

My error stack traces are impossible to read. It’s a major pain point and a huge waste of time. Besides the fact that everything is dumped on screen, the line throwing the error is actually lost so I have to blindly debug line by line, restarting the REPL each time.

Is this a local issue with my setup? Anyway I can alleviate this? Julia 1.4 latest on Windows 10.

This will be of only minimal help to you… but it is likely not an issue with your local setup. I do get crazy stacktraces like that sometimes where it basically prints an entire array.

I think I’ve seen stuff like that mostly when I have Revise acting on files with data, and then changing something causes it to rerun calculations / reparse data / etc. If that’s the case, I’d recommend the pattern discussed in a recent thread (Revise cannot transform my dataset) of separating “scripts” from package code, where the package code just has modules and functions but no data, and the scripts use the package code + data to do things. Then Revise just acts on the package code and updates functions as you want without issues from data and global state.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try. In this case yes, a lot of data is dumped because my types were incompatible (I said Int but I was passing a Vector{Int}) so it resulted in conversion error, dumping the two arguments. But it happens all the time, regardless of the type of error or the volume of data involved.

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