Revise.jl does not trigger recompilation


For some reasons, Revise.jl does not trigger after I made changes to the source file in a package. The funny thing is that it works on a different package, and I’ve been scratching my head for past 2 hours. Any idea what I should be looking for? Thanks!


An MWE would help, or at least the error messages from Revise.jl. That said, whenever I run into this problem it a syntax error that prevents parsing. Try loading that code in a fresh Julia session.


There’s no error message. Restarting the REPL doesn’t help either.

I may just go through the process of elimination- removing code or reverting to previous versions until I get it working again. I will share with everyone about my findings later.


It’s dumb mistake on my part that’s not even worth mentioning :laughing: