Revise stops tracking changes

After certain types of errors, Revise.jl stops tracking changes. One such error type seem to be syntax errors, but other times I feel like there are additional cases where Revise just stops monitoring files. Note that I am using a normal (ext4) file system, so no NFS etc.

Is this a known issue/feature with Revise, that syntax errors cause it to stop tracking changes, or is my personal setup broken? And is there a way to make Revise recover from this, or do I have to restart the REPL (like for changing struct definitions)?

Alternatively, is there a way to configure Revise such that it does not execute code anymore after the first error occurred?

It might help to clear the compile cache files for the package you are Revising. e.g. under ~/.julia/compiled/v1.3/MyPackage

If you have a reproducible situation, it would be very useful to preserve it so someone could drill deep into the issue.

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Thanks for your input. Fortunately (unfortunately?) the issue has disappeared and I am not able to reproduce it anymore…

From my (limited) experience, syntax errors do stop Revise.jl from working. But once those errors are fixed then Revise.jl automatically resumes operations as normal.

Yes, I think it was something like this paired with some git commands that make Revise lose track.