Research Software Engineer @ Tufts Medicine [REMOTE; US ONLY]

We have an opening for a research software engineer to help us with our clinical data warehouse and all sorts of related data processing, analysis, and statistics needs. A significant part of this work is interacting with medical researchers to help them find the information (raw data, statistical results) they need for their studies using the OHDSI environment. We are using the OHDSI common data model deployed on Microsoft Azure, using DataBricks processing environment. Experience with devops will be helpful. Your colleagues will include Julia programmers, including myself and Kyrylo Simonov, who wrote FunSQL and DataKnots. I would like to introduce Pluto notebooks. Besides SQL and FHIR processing, there are time series data, EKG data, and lots of other data integration challenges. Not everything is Julia, there are some existing Python and R programs used in the OHDSI community that we need to work with. However, we strive to use Julia when it is possible.

The job posting doesn’t specify, but this is a fully remote position. Since medical data is involved, you must have U.S. citizenship. Please let me know if you have any questions.