Julia / OHDSI Health RSE at Tufts CTSI (Fully Remote, Junior Level, U.S. Only)

Tufts CTSI Informatics is seeking a clinical data analyst / junior research software engineer. We are one of 60 NIH CTSA awardees. This role is primarily supporting our researchers with cohort discoveries, chart abstractions, data modeling, visualizations, and other data analysis needed for the preparation and performance of medical research grants. You would also help us grow our OHDSI based research data warehouse (ETL from Epic EHR), work with RedCAP instruments, and automate operational processes. This role requires outstanding verbal and written literacy, a love of healthcare data, coupled with technical competence. We use Julia (especially FunSQL.jl) as well as many other languages. The candidate should have a working knowledge of at least one major programming language, such as Python; additionally, knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript is helpful; finally, DevOps experience with Azure would be especially delightful. Read more about Tufts CTSI Informatics here: Informatics - Tufts CTSI

I am the hiring manager. This is a junior level position. We have a small, fully remote team. A candidate must be a citizen, permanent resident, or have an existing work permit and live in a supported U.S. states (not every state, unfortunately). Boston area is preferred. The job posting is Software Product Development Analyst III; we did not have flexibility with regard to the job qualifications, duties, and skills. This upcoming year we will be publishing a FunOHDSI.jl module that would provide extensive OMOP query capabilities based upon FunSQL.jl with Pluto.jl notebooks. You could post questions here or Zulip.


Thank you for posting! I’ve just submitted an application.


Could you clarify the nature of the position?

The top level description describes “ETL from Epic EHR”, automation, and data modeling and visualization which to me sounds more like a data scientist and data engineer role.

However, the skills listed center more around web and mobile front-end (Swift, HTML5, jQuery, reactive paradigms).

Is this delta intentional because this is a full stack role or will the responsibilities be more focused in one of these two areas?

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@Ashlin_Harris : Thank you! We do quite a bit of Julia in our team. It’s engaging work if you enjoy working with medical researchers and… wrangling complex medical data sets.

@mrufsvold : I’m sorry for the confusion. Please refer to the opening paragraph to understand what the job involves. We are working with HR to update the post so that it is responsive to our needs, but this may take some time. If you do decide to apply, please let me know.

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