Any risk in changing Github repo name from `MyProject` to `MyProject.jl`?

I recently had a package accepted for auto-merge into the General registry (pending the three-day waiting period). It is named MyProject, the main code is at src/MyProject.jl, and the Project.toml file says name = "MyProject". All of this is consistent with how other packages are formatted, except poking around, I notice that other users have generally named their Github repositories MyProject.jl as opposed to just MyProject.

  1. Does this matter?
  2. If I rename my repository in Github, will it break the registration?

I ask because I read the following in the General registry readme:

Technically, you can’t rename a package once registered, as this would break existing users. But you can re-register the package again under a new name with a new UUID.


No, but it is good if you submit a PR to update the package URL in the registry.


Do you mean adding .jl to the url in the Package.toml file that is stored under the package name directory at the general registry?

Yes, I think that’s what they mean, because when you change the project name on Github, it also changes the URL. (Although I can’t verify this personally–I decided not to rename my package after all.)

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Just for the records, if someone does this and deploys documentation, remember updating this line in the make.jl file:

    repo = "",  <<<<<<<<

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