ANN: DashVtk.jl - interactive visualization of VTK data structures in Dash web apps in Julia

VTK is a visualization software and data representation standard for 2D and 3D data, e.g. 2D/3D meshes, images, scalar-valued fields, vector-valued fields, etc. I am happy to announce that using DashVtk.jl, it’s extremely easy now to interactively visualize VTK data structures on a web app in Julia. You can find more information and examples on how to do this in the documentation.

Unfortunately, the Python dash-vtk documentation still has more examples than the Julia alternative because it makes use of external dependencies and data sets. However rest assured, as you will soon be seeing more examples of using DashVtk.jl along with some native Julia mesh data representation packages, e.g. Meshes.jl and GeometryBasics.jl. Additionally, I am also trying to get some nice demos using DashVtk.jl to do some post-processing of finite element analysis (FEA) results on a web app using packages such as: Ferrite, Gridap, and FinEtools for the FEA.

If you are interested in any of this, feel free to reach out to me and we can chat some more. Kudos to @RohitRathore1 for writing the documentation for DashVtk.jl.


That is awesome @mohamed82008 ! :clap:t4: Let me know if something is not clear about the Meshes.jl data structures, happy to help.


Sounds great! We can generate VTK output from our hyperbolic PDE package Trixi.jl via Trixi2Vtk.jl, including adaptive mesh refinement and unstructured quad/hex meshes. It would be awesome to visualize them from Julia. Feel free to ping me if you would like to have some examples.



A much more streamlined workflow to use DashVtk.jl in Julia with the help of VTKDataTypes.jl and VTKDataIO.jl is now possible. You can read the announcement on DashVtk.jl is ready for action! - Dash Julia - Plotly Community Forum.