Can VTK.jl load and save vtk and pvd files?

I am trying to figure out the mesh importing and exporting capabilities of Julia. I came across VTK.jl but but it was hardly documented, so I wonder, is it possible to use VTK.jl to load and save vtk or pvd file formats?

Thank you.


That’s a proof of concept that hasn’t been updated in 4 years. Don’t expect it to work.

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I would recommend WriteVTK.jl.

Yes, but WriteVTK.jl does not load files, it only writes them. I am trying to avoid using Paraview and PyCall.jl to load the data in vtk and pvd files to objects of the types defined in GeometryTypes.jl, or my own version of these types.

No, I don’t think there exist a working VTK reader written in Julia.

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