Registry.toml missing

Julia 1.1, Windows 10 64-bit.

Just installed, doing ‘add [package]’ in the package REPL gives

Cloning default registries into `C:\Users\User\.julia`
Cloning registry from ""
ERROR: SystemError: opening file "C:\\Users\\User\\.julia\\registries\\General\\Registry.toml": No such file or directory

I can add directly from URL but it won’t let me import them afterwards giving a similar error.

ERROR: ArgumentError: Package [package] not found in current path:
- Run `import Pkg; Pkg.add("[package]")` to install the [package] package.

Contents of the registries/General folder are:


It seems like there was some problem when the registry got cloned. Try to remove registries/General completely and try again.


Thank you, that worked.

I was having the same error, but removing General didn’t make it work. I’m now getting

ArgumentError: '/nfs/home/seth/.julia/registries/General/.git/logs/refs
/remotes/origin/register/secp256k1' exists. `force=true` is required to remove '/nfs/home/seth/.julia/registries/General/.git/logs/refs/remot
es/origin/register/secp256k1' before copying.

(Note that my home directory is an NFS mount.)

That worked. Thanks

Thank you. This worked for me as well. I’m using Windows 8.1 on Julia 1.5.3

This problem seems to be occurring more and more often? Any idea why this error occurs so frequently?

Probably because the initial download got interrupted by the user (or something else). Should be fixed in Julia 1.6.

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Thanks for the prompt response