Registry.toml missing

Julia 1.1, Windows 10 64-bit.

Just installed, doing ‘add [package]’ in the package REPL gives

Cloning default registries into `C:\Users\User\.julia`
Cloning registry from ""
ERROR: SystemError: opening file "C:\\Users\\User\\.julia\\registries\\General\\Registry.toml": No such file or directory

I can add directly from URL but it won’t let me import them afterwards giving a similar error.

ERROR: ArgumentError: Package [package] not found in current path:
- Run `import Pkg; Pkg.add("[package]")` to install the [package] package.

Contents of the registries/General folder are:


It seems like there was some problem when the registry got cloned. Try to remove registries/General completely and try again.

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Thank you, that worked.

I was having the same error, but removing General didn’t make it work. I’m now getting

ArgumentError: '/nfs/home/seth/.julia/registries/General/.git/logs/refs
/remotes/origin/register/secp256k1' exists. `force=true` is required to remove '/nfs/home/seth/.julia/registries/General/.git/logs/refs/remot
es/origin/register/secp256k1' before copying.

(Note that my home directory is an NFS mount.)