LoadError when cloning JuliaRegistries


I just installed Julia for the first time, and I am trying to install atom and Juno. I downloaded and install Atom and Juno through the Atom package manager. However when i try to lunch Juno i get the following error:

Activating environment at C:\Users\jeppe\.julia\environments\v1.2\Project.toml
Cloning default registries into C:\Users\jeppe\.julia
Cloning registry from “https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General.git
ERROR: LoadError: SystemError: opening file “C:\Users\jeppe\.julia\registries\General\Registry.toml”: No such file or directory

Can anyone help with this?

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Delete C:\Users\jeppe\.julia\registries amd try again? Looks like you got a corrupt registry.

Did you know someone implemented Pkg support for this? :wink:

pkg> registry remove General
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Yea, but I am pretty sure that requires a parsable Registry.toml file.

Thanks, problem is fixed now.