Registrator not picking up package

I’m struggling to get my package recognised by the registrator bot after I recently updated the package to Julia 1.0. Could someone please cast an eye over it and see what thing (probably something very small) I’ve missed?

Latest release: tag “v2.0.1”
Project.toml contains the following preamble:

name = "ClassicalCiphers"
uuid = "ecf26e93-935c-5e64-9b21-bc8ac81b4723"
version = "2.0.1"

Registrator setup accessed through “https :// pkg. julialang. org /registrator/ select” (which I can’t hyperlink because I don’t have enough karma):

Registrator output: “ERROR: Looking up the tree hash failed”

What if you try with the commit sha instead of the tag?

The same " ERROR: Looking up the tree hash failed", I’m afraid.

Diagnosed and solved by KristofferC in

The key question was:

Did you install the bot for this repository (