Register package with Registrator

This should be super simple and I have done it before, but I am running into problems registering a package for Julia v1.x.

VoronoiCells has been registered before, but now I was asked to register it again for Pkg3. The package is in the JuliaGeometry organization where Registrator is not turned on, so I used the Web Interface:

After hitting submit I got an error:

ERROR: Registration failed: Changing UUIDs is not allowed

I have not knowingly changed the UUID of the package in Project.toml (if this is the UUID referred to) and VoronoiCells does not appear to be registered when searching

Any hints would be appreciated!

If your package was previously registered in METADATA, then its UUID needs to match the one created automatically from the existing registration. That UUID is given by:


You can also search for your package in the General registry, which will have the correct UUID. Your package should be here:
and the UUID entry in Package.toml is what you’ll need to paste into your Project.toml.

Thanks @rdeits and @asinghvi17 ! I will try again with your UUID :slight_smile:

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