Registrator complains about [compat]. Fixed it. What's next?

I’m trying to register a package for the first time. I have never done this before. As you can see, I am very confused.

Registrator says The following dependencies do not have a `[compat]` entry. I fixed that in the Project.toml and pushed the fix to github.

What do I do now?


You can comment again on the commit you want to register, with @JuliaRegistrator register().

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I’m not sure I understand. Where do I put this comment? I have already updated the github repo. Do I put the comment on the page on…?

For example, here is the last commit to the github repo that I did after releasing a new version of the package:

Note that below we add a comment, which says

@JuliaRegistrator register()

that will trigger the registrator, which will try to register the package. After fixing that compat entry, you can comment the commit to launch the registrator again.

(the has to be done for new packages or new versions of a package)


Sorry, I am still confused. Do I need to create a new branch, do something, and then make a PR? Rightnow everything is happening on master?
If I make a new release and comment that (is that what you did?) Will registrator know that I’ve tagged and released what is on master now?

I made a change to and pout @JuliaRegistrator register() in the comments. Will that do the job?

Failing that, I will wait for a human to look at it.

Tagging is a separate thing.

What that comment does is to register a new version of the package. The only thing that must be consistent is the version number written in the Project.toml. Meaning: if that is your first version, you probably will release it with a version number of 0.1.0, for example.

Normally, when everything goes well, I push one commit in which I only changed the version number (like that one in the example). Adding the comment there will release a version of the package that will correspond to the master version at that point.

After that version is merged into the Julia register, the package version will be available for installation by everyone from within Julia.

You may or may not add a GitHub-tag and a GitHub-release associated to that commit (of course, it is recommended to do so, and the TagBot is what does that automatically to you).

Thanks. I know I’m not explaining this well. Will a human look at it sometime in the next few days if automerge fails?

Yes, a human will look at that, but I am not sure what the human can do except merging the commit to the general registry if that is not a problem.

But if you solved the problems and you added the registrator comment, the package will be registered automatically in some minutes (you get messages about the consistency of not of the pull request with the rules of auto-merging).

Generally it is more reasonable to fix the inconsistencies and trigger the registrator again, and not to wait for the human to look at that.

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I added a comment where it would be natural to add the registrator comment, in your package. I hope it helps. You can delete the comment there.

OK. I think I did it about 30mins ago. I have not heard anything from the bot yet.

I was not able to find where that was. Probably that was not the right place (the e-mails concerning the registration are almost instantaneous).

The bot says

Error while trying to register: Action not recognized: https

Which is not clear to me at all.

At the commit where we are commenting there, just add an additional comment with

@JuliaRegistrator register()

to trigger the bot. Registrator will not occur automatically because of the version number, but you will get clear messages about that, and you can wait a few days to get the package registered with the version that is there.

I did that about an hour ago and got this. The stacktrace was not informative (at least for me).

ERROR: LoadError: RegistryCI.AutoMerge.AutoMergeGuidelinesNotMet(“The automerge guidelines were not met.”)

Just heard from a human who advised me to start over on JuliaHub. I did that and passed the checks, so I think I’m in good shape.

Where are you looking fo things? I am not sure we are seeing the same pages.

Thanks again for all your help.

I see you are using JuliaHub. Well, I think that only complicates things. You can manage your packages only by adding comments to the commits of the repositories, and that is much more practical in my opinion (I also was very much confused by JuliaHub initially). Just add the @JuliaRegistrator register() comment on the commit you want to register and that is all (for new releases and for new packages as well).

automerge = approved. The package name has been approved as well. Does this mean that I am ready to go?

Do I need to tag this release myself or does that happen automatically at some point?

I will probably use @JuliaRegistrator register() in the future. I did not think JuliaHub was so bad and, now that I understand the rules better, was probably the sensible thing for me, as a novice, to do. The human on the other end was very useful in getting me going and fixing one error I kept making on JuliaHub.

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Probably the package will be merged and available to everyone in half an hour or so.

I think you do not need to tag anything, because you have the TagBot.yml configured. If everything is correct there you will see the tag being auto generated as well soon.