Read an existing txt file

I faced something strange when I create a file and writing sth(by hand) in it I can read it with readdlm and there isn’t any problem .but when I want to read an existed txt file on my desktop it says to me there isn’t anything inside the file (with readdlm an error “LoadError: at row 0, column 0: ArgumentError(“number of rows in dims must be > 0, got 0”)”)
it’s my file

thanks for your helping.


some parse is needed but it read the file just fine.

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Works fine for me, too:

julia> using DelimitedFiles

julia> readdlm("/tmp/blobs.txt")
150×2 Matrix{Any}:
 -3.73391      "-6.77247883e-02;"
  2.83756      "-2.77758074e+00;"