Re-starting NYC Julia Meetup?

I’d be willing to host this at Cornell Tech if organizers are interested in a post-pandemic reboot.


Thanks – we have been waiting for a place.
Please dm me.

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@anthonymobile I hope this is still relevant, and applicable to the JuliaCon 2022 meetup! JuliaCon 2022 Local Meetups

Cornell Tech thinks a reasonable estimate is $700.
We meet at locations that others provide to us without charge.

I can ask around. What are the requirements? seating+projector+seats for >=NN people? what is NN?

Always appreciated!

Each meetup runs on the kindness of others: the person who authorizes … those who ensure we enter a clean, pleasant and prepared space … the host’s local tech expert to connect attendees with wifi and to ensure the {high quality} presentation tech works as expected … et cetera.

Our meetups are hosted and each hosting site has some rules. That our actions and inactions comport with the expectations of our host is a major priority for the meetup coordinators. I meet with the host in advance, and we set the event on a smooth, enjoyable course.

We need to accommodate 30 people comfortably.
I expect 25-35 people to request attendance.
If more ask than can be seated, they have priority next time.

The meetup happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday (host preference, if any).
We let people in at 6pm, checking photo-id and vaccine card pix.

The presentation starts by 6:25 and the Q&A ends by 7:25.

The rest of our meetup is informal by design, Participants meet, share ideas and be collaborative, and get expert help. We provide salad, pizza, non-alcoholic beverages … we gather the trash with a site representative. I leave by 9pm.

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Happy to host at the Flatiron Institute (@kslimes hosted one here pre-pandemic when she was a postdoc here)! I would have to check if there are limitations hosting so many external people here with respect to our current COVID rules but we are starting to host conferences again this summer so presumably it isn’t an issue.


I hear music!

A Julia meet at the Flatiron institute sounds awesome!

Would you ask to host the meetup during JuliaCon, that Thursday evening?
There are preparations that begin with a confirmed date. With gratitude.