Radionuclide database / multi-table

I’m looking for a package / dataset of radionuclides that includes things like atomic weight, methods of decay, energies of the decay(s), half-lifes, and such like. I’d like to be able to pick an element, see it’s nuclides (and percentages of each), and it’s entire decay chain. Does a dataset and toolchain for this already exist? Bonus if it is programmed in Julia. Another bonus if it already includes the half-life calcs; the equation is simple enough.

The only thing that came to mind is this one:

I didn’t notice it implemented, but shouldn’t this stuff simply be added there? What do you mean with “multi-table”?

See this issue:

If it’s in relational database format, it’s already there. If it is in spreadsheet format, it will be in “multi-table” format, which usually have crude links between the datasets if any.

There is a PR already, but I think neither a spreadsheet nor a relational database is used, but nested Julia structs:

“PR” = pull request?

Yes. But not agreed yet on how to proceed with that PR. You could ask about the status…

I you want to try out a commit, this PR, then:

(@v1.8) pkg> add PeriodicTable#dd3069d

I’m not sure well know, or if helpful in this case. Maybe to help to test at least and help with finishing the PR.

I don’t quite know how to follow that trail yet. I’m getting there, though!