[ANN] PeriodicTable.jl : A small julia library for getting periodic table elements and their data



Hello Julians,
Today I started working on another package in Julia by the name of PeriodicTable.jl. It currently has a very simple layout and one method basically to fetch data for an element in a periodic table using its atomic number/symbol/name.

I am currently looking for people who can improve it and code together. As always any suggestions/criticisms/feedbacks/PRs and Github :star: are welcome! :slight_smile:


I was making a related thing the other day and this type of package would have been useful to me. Would you be up for adding isotope data to this? I would be interested in contributing.


@jwikmark Yes, definitely , I am open to contributions.


This makes for a pretty cute app combined with InteractNext:


@jwikmark The code got a major update (see here )and hence you may have to update your code now.


Note that the right way to add this sort of animation is probably to define a show(io::IO, ::MIME"text/html", el::Element) method.

Given that, you could just do

@manipulate for n in 1:length(elements)

and it will display nicely in IJulia.


What about generating the spectrums using the colormatch function from Colors.jl? It seems that the data is available from here: http://laserstars.org/data/elements/


I’ll have to show this to my (very scientifically oriented) son Alex (he’s 11 years old).
Seems like a useful educational tool to me!

Edit: Just showed it to him, he really liked it!