[ANN] New release of PeriodicTable.jl

We have just released the version 0.1.1 for the package PeriodicTable.jl. This includes:

  • Support for Julia version 1.0
  • Each element now supports a new field called e⁻-configuration

I will like to thank @carstenbauer for his work for this release, plus becoming a contributor to this repo.


Making PeriodicTable.jl use Unitful.jl “for the dimensionful quantities in the Element data” could be a nice thing to contribute here: see use Unitful for dimensionful quantities · Issue #7 · JuliaPhysics/PeriodicTable.jl · GitHub


This is very useful thanks!

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Would it be useful for me to add oxidation states? It would allow for somehow guessing the most probably oxidation states of constituent atoms inside a compound. If it would be useful, there is usually a “most probable” oxidation state, should that one be put first in order?

I just implemented this and tagged a new release.