[ANN] IsotopeTable.jl The table of nuclear isotopic data for Julians

I am happy to announce IsotopeTable.jl and its little brother IsotopeTableDF.jl.

The package IsotopeTable.jl provides a PeriodicTable.jl inspired interface to the data on 3343 Nuclear Isotopes (the ground states are considered).
For example, one way to access the information about the isotope ¹⁴C is

julia> isotopes[:C14]
Carbon ¹⁴C, Z=6:
               atomic number: 6
                 mass number: 14
           natural abundance: 0.0
                        mass: 14.0032419886 ± 4.0e-9 u
                        spin: 0//1
                      parity: 1
              is radioactive: true
                   half-life: 1.7987e11 ± 9.5e8 s
                    g-factor: 0.0 ± 0.0
  electric quadrupole moment: 0.0 ± 0.0 barn

The nice feature of the package is interoperability with PeriodicTable.jl. By default, IsotopeTable.jl reexports PeriodicTable. Then, elements[isotopes[:C14]] returns Carbon Element. On the other hand, isotopes[elements[:H]] returns the vector of all hydrogen isotopes (available in IsotopeTable.jl).

I have also created an alternative package called IsotopeTableDF.jl. It simply exports the same information about the nuclear isotopes as a DataFrame.