PyScript is very cool

I just visited the PyScript website and I found it very impressive. It’s a way to run Python applications in the browser. The good part is that you don’t need a server, everything is run locally. Matplotlib, numpy and more are available.

I feel quite jealous.


Julia already runs in a web browser with WebAssembly (was slow to start when I tried it though). If it doesn’t work well now, then now is a good time to improve it, a lot of work has gone into faster (pre)compilation and smaller (tiny) Julia binaries (that though do not support everything, but seem still very relevant to WebAssembly).

I’ve not tried it with Pluto demo or other notebook:

If you want to try with WebAssembly to make faster, then this might help:

It should help with the download/startup of the web too, cut in in half too, hopefully.