How to compile Julia to WASM


Hi everyone,
I wrote an article about the different ways julia can run in the browser, together with a reproducible tutorial about how to compile Julia to Wasm:
Most of the work has been done by @Keno. Hopefully this will help to set up some more people to get this project going, while taking away the work from @Keno!
You can remix the article and edit it to actually compile julia to wasm: sign up code: julia1.0.
Not sure if we can reach a wider audience with this, but I posted it to HN in any case :wink:



Just a note, the link to the docker container gives a 404.


Sorry, I couldn’t find it to upvote.


There’s a search field at the bottom of HN.


Neither “julia” nor “wasm” as a search term work.


I tried “julia wasm” and got it as the first result. The title is actually “How to run Julia in the Browser”. Comments