Publishing an updated package

A few months ago, I have published a package (a wrapper of a C library).
Recently, the C library was updated and I decided to make use of the arifacts/jll.
My old implementation used BinaryProvider and CI scripts: travis and appveyor (which frankly I do not remember how I set them up)

Now that I have a new version of the package that simply uses the jll package, would are the necessary steps to update it in the repository?

What do you mean exactly? How to register the package? Or how to register a new version?

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I would like to register a new version of the package
I updated the XXhash package
The Julia package repository (link) points to my package repo (link), and lists the dependencies (in Deps.toml)
My new package (not yet pushed to github) is not based on the BinaryProvider but rather uses the xxHash_jll package I recently registered.
I would like to know what is the procedure of registering the new package so that it will replace the existing one?
(It sounds unreasonable that anyone could update an existing package)

To publish a new version of a package, the recommended way is to use @JuliaRegistrator:

  • bump the version number of your package in the Project.toml according to semver
  • invoke @JuliaRegistrator, after having installed it