Problems with Julia 1.0 on Mac os

In order to learn Julia, I want to convert my course, Programming in Python with Graphics Applications, to Julia. Using OS 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro, I immediately ran into two problems:
1: All the docs say to use quit(), exit(), or ^d to exit. But these simply leave the Julia REPL window hung until I dismiss it.
2: Python uses Tk graphics, and the Julia Tk library package installs, but when I try to compile, even after rebuilding it, I get the error
Error: Error building Tk:
│ ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: is_windows not defined
I would appreciate any help.

This is a property of the Mac

  1. with the Terminal open, go to the Terminal menu > Preferences,
  2. click on Profiles tab, then the Shell subtab
  3. change the “When the shell exits” dropdown to “Close the shell if exited cleanly”

The Tk.jl package looks unmaintained, so I suspect it will only work on Julia 0.6 at the moment. You could try Gtk.jl.