Warning: Terminal not fully functional with Julia 1.0.5 on Windows

Does the repl work?

Are there some problems?
I have been using 1.7 for a while now, including the latest, on Win 10. No trouble.

Why wouldn’t it?


Because the packages manager in it craps out every single time I try to run it.
W32 and 64 too.

Or at least did in last version

Well, the package manager isn’t the REPL. It’s the package manager. But if you think that you’re seeing a bug of some kind please file an issue over at GitHub! Note, though, that “craps out” is impossible to debug so a MWE would be great.


You tell me

I’ve split this into its own thread to help figure out what’s going on here. What terminal application are you using?

I would note that lots have improved in the 3 years since the 1.0 release — including many improvements to how Windows terminals behave. I wouldn’t necessarily expect this to still behave the same way. Please do try it and report back.

Hmm. You might want to try updating to 1.6 (the latest stable release), since 1.0 is very, very old.


package the screenshot is taken from was downloaded today from official site under this

Current stable release: v1.6.2 (July 14, 2021)


can you see what I typed in the repl?
help aint working, pkg ] aint working, ]? aint working.

To be clear, you are downloading the official binaries, then opening up Julia form, say, the start menu? What application is being used for your terminal?

well, seen it, got intrigued, giving it a try.

I am running 32bit portable installer from official site downloaded under 1.6.2 version, julia.exe from bin folder

trouble is my interest specifically lies in sqlite library. If I cannot get that working, language is useless for me, since I can solve most of my programming via php but need something compilable for backend operations

What is pictured in the screenshot is Julia version 1.0.5 released almost 2 years ago, so we are a bit confused because you are also saying:

The problem may be how are you launching Julia.

Are you able to run the 64-bit installer? Windows 32-bit is currently Tier 2 in support, which means we know there are a few things broken with it.

this environment is completely new for me, so I may be a wee confused, but I am confined to 32 bit environment due to rather aged notebook for the moment.

I’m not sure what is going with the terminal, but perhaps that is the root of some the issues.

For Windows, I highly recommend the new Windows Terminal:

From Windows Terminal, I would change directory to the bin directory under your 1.6.2 install and try to run the julia.exe in that directory.

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well, it is obvious problem of the app itself, not the environment. app responds, does not parse my request.

this is from conemu terminal.
it is also not language enviro problem, tried both natl and english keyboard

I won’t waste your time with this issue.

What system is this running on? Does julia work in a regular cmd.exe instead of conemu?

The reason we’re asking about this is that maybe julia 1.0.5 isn’t handling conemu well. It may be that 1.6.2 (latest stable) works, or failing that, we can investigate whether it’s a Windows 32-bit issue or specific to an interaction between julia and conemu. Since it doesn’t seem to work in either 1.6.2 nor 1.0.5, I suspect conemu has some quirk that julia isn’t expecting and doesn’t handle yet.

Do you have the environment variable TERM set to anything?


Yeah that’ll be the culprit - julia isn’t detecting conemu as being a Windows environment and if TERM isn’t set to anything, we’ll fall back to a barebones REPL:

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