Problem about installing Jieba package

I want to install the Jieba package, I’ve tried installing by Pkg package, or cloning the package from GitHub (“GitHub - seekasia/Jieba.jl: Chinese text segmentation with Julia . Julia 中文分词”) and generating a package, copying the Jieba into the generated package and then

julia> ] dev . .

Although I have the package in the julia> ] status, I still couldn’t use the function in the package.

This package is very old (> 5 years) and will need updating to work. You might be able to do something if you’re running Julia versions 0.6 or 0.7 (from 2018), perhaps, but it could be a significant challenge.

One dot should be enough in the code line you mentioned.

If you have it in your status, then using Jiebashould at least try to load the package? Only if that succeeds the functions will be available, but as cormullion mentioned, the package is quite old and pre 1.0, so it might not work on a modern Julia version (>0.7).