Download and Install package in Julia

Is there a way to directly download and install a package in Julia without running Pkg.add() command?
Thank you.

You can git clone it into your .julia/v0.6/ directory (or any other directory you have added to LOAD_PATH).

Some more complicated packages might require additional setup steps beyond simply cloning them. I’m not sure how to trigger these additional steps once it’s been cloned."Package").


I guess my larger concern was if @Rahul_Sharma wanted to install something on a computer not connected to the internet. There are packages that download additional files when built. I believe PyPlot is at least one example.

The problem is my proxy. It is not allowing me to clone from the git. I downloaded the files of the package (CoinOptServices) and have the .jl files. I believe that for it to be a package, it must be .ji files. So,
how do I use the .jl files to install the package?
Thanks for your help.

You are probably better off downloading the tarball or zip from github and extracting it, as opposed to getting the individual files one by one. Run as suggested above.

The .ji files will be generated as necessary, don’t worry about them.

That said, with packages getting updated frequently, fixing your net connection to allow Pkg.add etc to work may be the path of least resistance. See

and related topics.