Why is it so hard to install packages in julia from China?

I just installed Julia, but its so difficult to use packages, I am about to freak out. always have errors of different kind. just wont work
can anyone help me a little,there is no one around me who use julia, i really exited about the language but its been so hard to handle these errors.
coundt simply install Plots, first its fail to update regerstry, then its request errors, am i alone here?
i am new to programming, please help, how should i solve these? i really want to continue.

It looks like Julia can’t connect to the package server. Are you sure you had internet connection when you did this operation? Are you perhaps behind a firewall which blocks all Julia traffic?


@hanchend Please do not give up! Everyone where is very friendly and we will help.

So a couple of questions:
You are running Julia as Administrator? Do you not have a personal account?
Do you know what the proxy setup is on your network?
Can you do operations such as command line git clones from github?

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On line 3:

“Failed to connect to pkg…”

it means your internet connection is either not stable / out of quota / very slow.

Another possible way perhaps the server is down for a moment.

Don’t give up, everyone here is very friendly and we are open to newbie, I ask a lot here, and get the answer that I need >95% of the time.

I just start using Julia this year actually on June… and my first topic here is asking how is Julia vs Trilinos… silly question now that I look back on it…

Remember known knowledge is because people only learn sooner, no one is smarter, that’s the words I always remember to stay humble and on the ground.


No one around me use Julia as well… but it will not stop you I believe…

You can watch JuliaCon and read books on Julia or online tutorial like this:


Depends on what you need, if you are student of Physics you might need another package related to Physics, with related tutorial.

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I am in China, its never occor to me that I shoule search for answers in chinese community, we have the wall, that prevent us from doing anything freely. thanks ,i soved some of the problem


thank you i am suprised that so many people are willing to help me ,i just discovered that its probably because i am in China, so there is connection issue which i should swith to a different server, solved some of the problem.


thanks ,i discovered that its probably because I am in china, so there is connection issue , because of the government? thanks a lot , i mean i am genuinely surprised to see so many people are helping me. thanks

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I recall @JohnnyChen94 fighting these issues. Perhaps he has other advice?


I have been to Chengdu, China to see Panda there… I know they blocking social media from US when I went there can’t use google, etc. Maybe that’s why. Some locals use VPN to trick the China’ firewall… It is the country’ regulation… blocking foreign information and perhaps even form server that containing Julia’ pacakges…

well you know to be honest, been through a lot and I believe people are unique, some have their own imagination, some are practical, some just don’t care of anything, for example I read Isaac Newton’ wikipedia and read that he is autist, but could create such a breakthrough… Don’t be discouraged, this discourse is really nice, I have been to another mailing list, this is one of the nicest… never get bad words here… if you don’t know just ask, if someone call you stupid or mock you then it is mirroring to themselves. As I said, those know only learn sooner and comprehend sooner… not smarter.

Another example, Thomas Alfa Edison was mocked idiot by his teacher thus come home crying and do home schooling the result? General Electric…
another one, a current billionaire who was bullied in his childhood thus bleeding and now the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

I believe in karma and spirituality… well not for everyone, life is a journey…

It looks like the JuliaCN Discourse has a good reference for this: Julia PkgServer 镜像服务及镜像站索引 - 库的安装及使用 - Julia中文社区

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Yes, the author needs to search in engine like bing in Chines. There are serval practical ways to solve this problem.Or may he need a book or read the blog of

Welcome to Chengdu! Pandas are so cute!