Practical Spatial Analysis Packages in Julia

Hello Watchers:

I have found a listing of geospatial packages,

I am attempting to achieve two top level actions:

  1. Convert addresses to LAT/LON within Julia
  2. Display specified values via color-shading
    against a cluster (region) of the LAT/LON points.
  • This region can be a province, township, district
    or some similar designation.

Where can I focus my efforts in this pursuit?

Thank you,

For 1 there’s JuliaHub although that hasn’t been updated in a while - ultimately its just a simple API call though so the source should be easy enough to modify to get working.

  1. There exist many (RESTful) API services that allow you to do both forward and reverse geocoding, also non-Google. For instance, for R&D purposes there’s the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API and the Nominatim wiki also lists alternatives and third parties, but if you browse the internet for “open geocoding API” or similar you will find many such services (some based on Nominatim, some on others), most of which will be free below a certain reasonable number of requests per time unit, and will require you to have a paid subscription for higher request counts. These APIs can be used from Julia with HTTP.jl and JSON.jl.

  2. I’m not sure I understand your plotting requirements, but for geospatial plotting in general have a look at GMT.jl and GeoMakie.jl. From what I understand though, it seems to me that you would also want to take a look at the ecosystem around GeoStats.jl and Meshes.jl, with visualization recipes towards Makie.


@Klaas_Pauly Thank you for sharing this!

I was making a display similar to:


Where I can highlight certain regions based
on some criteria and then annotate these
areas with some data or text labels within
something like a card. I do not know if it can
be done using ArcGis Online, but so far it
does not seem so. Also, that platform is
clunky – I thought Julia could streamline my

From your pointer, I have since made a little
progress in a thread to Dr. H HERE