Any 'getting started' docs/links for GeoJulia ecosystem?

Looking for a ‘getting started’ entry point for using GeoJulia for basic geospatial work that ties all of the packages and their capabilities/usage together… does anything exist?

Hi @byezy , welcome to the Julia community!

Are you interested in geospatial work generally speaking or specifically interested in the JuliaGeo packages? Notice that there is no such thing as GeoJulia.

If you are interested in geospatial work, there are various related organizations:

I am personally more involved with the ecosystem in JuliaEarth. If you want to learn more, check this JuliaCon2021 talk, it gives an idea of the current features:

We also have tutorials written in Pluto:

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions. We are on Zulip for instantaneous chat:


Thank you!

Yep JuliaGeo is what I meant. Duh.

Links are much appreciated. Cheers.

Also see: