Practical Julia book

My hard copy of Practical Julia by @LeePhillips just arrived… woot!

Practical Julia | No Starch Press


I got my copy too (shipped early since :wink:). It is a nice book. Quite comprehensive in what it covers. Probably what I would point to as the go-to introduction book now.


And for once, something that is cheaper in Europe than in the US, e.g. at FNAC.


Yep, got my hard copy too this week :tada:
which was pretty quick considering I’m outside the US.

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Can I switch the FNAC page to English, or shall I use Google translate?

(I have to get one, and then I’ll nonchalantly read it at work where Python is the official language.)

AFAIK, this site is only in French and you will need a translation. The ebook is in English though.

Learning French is a good investment.


I also got a copy yesterday, and after reading certain parts of it, I must say that I liked the introduction and how it’s organized.

Growing up I had no reason to learn French so I didn’t. In my first job I had to travel to Quebec and be in meetings conducted in French. By then I wished that I had learned French.

Oh wait, fnac only has an ebook? I want a real book that I can put to a shelf.

Reading the Acknowledgements I learned that @jd-foster was its reviewer:
Dr James Foster contributed the benefit of his experience and expertise to provide a superb technical review, improving both the code and exposition in countless instances.
Congratulations on his contribution to making the content attractive and relevant.