How about a great hand note type of a static site for Julia?

I want to write a complete book/static site on GitHub about Julia Language , from the basics to the advanced gradually. I have a plan to write a complete hand note on Julia, in both English and Bengali (Bengali would be the translation of English one just.). I have also planned to make tutorial videos for this amazing programming language on YouTube too, but later. My target is to make learning this amazing language easy and implementing this frequently for those people who want to start their journey in Julia with a fresh mind and through some easy steps and for bangla translation is for those people whose mother tongue is Bengali, and they can start their journey with their native language. I would appreciate your thought regarding this.


In term of tools that you could use for this, @rikh has developed Books which should be pretty good for what you want to do I think. You could also use Franklin but it’s less “book” and more “site”.


Thanks, Thibaut!

Writing a book is exactly the main goal of my package. You’re also not the first one to request multi-lingual support ([Discussion] Do not take as a special case? · Issue #60 · rikhuijzer/Books.jl · GitHub). It would be reasonably easy to implement and it sounds like a nice feature, so I’m planning to add it.

One caveat though with my package. It is still very experimental. Currently, I only support Linux and Julia ≥1.6. I plan to support Windows, MacOS and Julia ≥1.5, but that will still take a while.

If you want to get started right away and have a stable package, Franklin is quite capable. See Data Science Tutorials in Julia for a big site built with Franklin.