Poster session—can I give a link to reveal.js slides instead of uploading?

I recently got the email request to upload my poster session materials to There it says,

For posters, please upload the 3 minute video and the actual poster file in two seperate uploads with different file names.

I have my video ready to go. I made my slides with reveal.js, and I am hosting them on a GitHub pages site, so I can provide a link that anyone can use to view the slides. Is it possible for me to upload a link (e.g. in a text file) to these slides, or is it preferred that I print the slides to a PDF?

If possible, I would prefer to direct other conference goers to the reveal.js slides because they contain links to my package documentation etc that I can ensure are up to date. But if the conference organizers prefer a static slideshow I can provide that too.

(I’m asking here because I think others may have a similar question.)

Yes, this should be okay, the caveat is that we are using Gather Town so it might not let you embed certain sites. Can you upload a text file with the link you want?

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