Post 1.0 shakedown

In case anyone was wondering, most of my experimental packages are gone. The ones left are pretty useful, I hope:

OnlinePackage: create a new package simply by copying the infrastructure of an old one, then automatically create github and travis repos connected with an SSH key (so Documenter will work out of the box)

JuliennedArrays: fast, typestable, and flexible alternative to mapslices

Keys: various tools and experimental features. contains the latest vestige of my work on chaining/lazy calling (in the @_ macro) and _unrolled operations for working with mixed-type tuples. whoever maintains the list of chaining packages should probably update it


Sorry, what packages did you then remove…?

I love JuliennedArrays, but unfortunately there is no version that currently works under Julia v0.6. Older versions of JuliennedArrays depend on removed packages. :persevere:

Um… KeyedTables, ValuedTuples, Parts, ZippedArrays, ChainMap, ChainRecursive, CreateMacrosFrom, RecurUnroll, PackageGenerator, I think thats all…

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I wish I had time to use Compat to make it work with 0.6 but I don’t. I’d welcome a PR