Very happy with 0.6-rc1


Sorry for the spam, but I just wanted to give a thank you to the Julia development team: so far, 0.6-rc1 has been great! This is likely the first 0.*-rc1 that I haven’t managed to crash (even having started a major rewrite of ApproxFun for 0.6), and the new where syntax with triangular dispatch has greatly simplified the code. It is also a lot easier to read:

foo(x::Number) = ...
foo(x::Vector{T}) where {T} = ...

than the previous syntax.

And the biggest improvement: ^C works in Juno on Mac again :wink: More seriously: the fact that functions recompile when you re-define a function (without having to restart Julia and recompile everything) has increased productively by a huge amount.


I don’t think anyone would consider this kind of positive feedback to be spam :blush:. It’s nice to hear positive feedback since usually happy = silent so all the noise tends to be about things that are less than ideal.


Actually I have found that 0.6 broke a lot more stuff than 0.5, a lot of this has to do with broadcasting. This is certainly not because there is anything wrong with 0.6, however, as far as I have found after about a month of using it. The new broadcasting features are great, and I particularly love having the ability to do e.g. Vector{<:Real}. Maybe it’s my imagination but compile time also seems to have improved somewhat in some cases. Great work as always!


Yes, thanks for the amazing work on this release. You’re right, this does not get said enough :sunny: