1.7 is great

I have been running the rc version of 1.7 for a while, but I guess now is as good a time as any to say it: I really like the improvements made (and Julia in general!)

A big thanks to the developers. Good job!


IMHO, we’re really spoiled. Almost every Julia release brings massive improvements + awesome new features and Julia 1.7 is no exception here. Quite the contrary! Effortlessly switching between OpenBLAS and MKL, boom! Improving registry processing speed by a factor of >10, boom! Multidimensional array literals, boom! …

I can only second @gustaphe: massive shoutout to everyone involved in producing and delivering these awesome releases!


Indeed 1.7 is really cool ! What i really liked so far using notaddedpackage prompts to add package :grimacing: .Makes me really lazy


This is my favorite new feature too. So convenient and something I always envisioned for Pkg! Thanks so much to @ianshmean for implementing it. On Julia master it’s even better because there’s also an o option that lets you pick a different environment in the load path than the active one to install the package into (and then load it from). That’s great when you want to use a developer tool like Debugger or Revise while working on a project but you don’t want to add the package to the current active project.


We should add the same feature to juliaup! You could just run julia +1.3 and if that isn’t installed, similar prompt shows up, installs and then runs it.