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Retired programmer with experience in C and several other languages as well as strong skills in relational database management design, implementation, and administration is looking for a remote position. Began software engineer duties in 1977, along with 3 years college, non-degree seeking, with major in software engineering. Learning Julia and am fascinated. Many courses (non-collegiate) taken during various contracts and full-time employment including many years as US civil servant at McMorrow Laboratories, Research, Development, and Engineering Center (RDEC) where I was appointed liaison between the labs and on-base data processing group (who held the purse strings for all Arsenal purchases until I got my foot in the door. :slight_smile: ) Technical representative (system adminstrator) for all lab systems until each directorate could hire their own staff/contractors. Specified and purchased desktop PC’s, mini-computers (including VAX), as well as Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstations. Many years designing embedded systems. Designed and implemented the first PC desktop system that was multi-user, multi-tasking utilizing peer-to-peer concepts and multi-user database – in 1980!

Self-driven and accustomed to many responsibilities including staff selection and management.

Prefer a project that immerses me in Julia so that I may understand it better. :slight_smile: (Tried to state that in the original post but was unable to do so.)

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You may want to look at the open positions at RelationalAI: Careers | RelationalAI

Thanks. I looked at several of their posts but I’m not yet strong enough in AI to make anyone any money.